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Submitting and Paying for Forms

Last Updated: May 10, 2018 11:24AM CDT

We charge a fee to e-file your forms and for other services. When you submit your forms to the IRS, you will need to provide payment. You have three options.

The first option is to prepay for a certain dollar amount. This saves you time because you can enter your credit card information just once and use those prepaid funds over time. Second, when you go to pay for your forms you can save a credit card to use for any future filings, so that way you only have to enter the credit card information once. The other option is to pay as you go. The following steps cover all 3 options:  

If you want to prepay, complete the following steps:
  • Log in to your Tax1099 account.
  • On the dashboard, click Forms       
  • Select View/Edit/Submit forms.
  • Click Prepay Now.

  • Enter the amount to charge.
  • You will receive a message that your payment was successful, and you will have a credit that can be applied as you submit forms in the future.
  • Select the form by checking the box on the left side of your 1099.
  • Press Prepay.

If you want to pay as you go, complete the following steps:
  • Log in to your Tax1099 account
  • On the dashboard, click on Forms
  • Select View/Edit/Submit Forms.
  • Select the form you want to submit by checking the box on the left of the date.    

  • Check the boxes to add on some of our features such as USPS Mail, Email Recipient, TIN Check, State Filing. 
  • Doing this will change the prices accordingly. All prices are subject to change.                                          

  • Then you can press next, and it will take you to the payment area to take your card info.
  • Here is where the second option comes in. You can add your credit card information to save for future filings.
    • Enter your credit card information.
    • Click the check- box at the bottom to save the information 
    • Press 'pay now'
  • From then on this credit card information will be saved under the 'Saved Details' section of the payment page.
  • If you do not wish to save a credit card, this third option is to only fill out the credit card information and then press 'pay now'. You will get a confirmation it was sent to the IRS and a 9 digit reference number. Keep it for your records

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