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Transaction Related Payment Errors

Last Updated: May 29, 2018 02:49PM CDT
We find that sometimes when submitting forms to the IRS there can be technical errors with making the payment to process forms. It can be caused by various issues that are sometimes hard to determine right away. Below are some examples of payment type errors that we have seen and a work around or solution to help get your forms submitted to the IRS on time to avoid penalties and late fees.
Risk Model Errors
If you see the error message "transaction was refused due to risk model" the payment will not go through and forms won’t be submitted. Try to wait 5 to 15 minutes and try again. If it fails again, try using a different debit/credit card. The payment gateway system will show the attempt to make the payment but the transaction will be refused. If multiple charges show on the credit card right away, please wait at least 24 hours to see if the bank clears them after the payment gateway refuses the charges. In the event that they don’t clear off your bank, please contact us with the reference #, email address on the account and a screen shot of those duplicate charges to request a refund.  Our billing department will confirm what charges were taken in the payment gateway system and refund any extra charges in error.
If you see the error message “Error Code-10626, Short Message-Risk, Long Message-Transaction refused due to risk model” it means the payment gateway system is refusing the transaction because of an issue with the card being used. Please try again to submit the forms and enter payment information again. If it fails again please try a different debit/credit card.
Object Reference Errors
If you see the error message “object reference not set to an instance of an object” the forms may or may not go ahead and get submitted. First, check to see if the forms are still showing under Forms and then View/edit/submit forms. If so, try this workaround: click on History then Prepay History and choose Prepay Now. Enter credit card information and an amount to cover the fees (minimum $10 required) and click on Prepay. Then go to Forms and choose View/edit/submit forms. Select the payer and tax year. Click the boxes to the left to select all recipient forms, select method of sending forms to the recipients (email or USPS mail or neither (to print and mail yourself)), etc. and click Next. You’ll confirm to use the prepay amount by clicking Pay & Submit to e-file.

In the event the forms have to be submitted again and charges are duplicated, please contact us with the reference #, email address on the account and a screen shot of the duplicate charges for our billing department to research and refund any charges in error.

If the forms aren’t showing under View/edit/submit, look to see if they are under Forms and choose Manage Forms. Select payer and tax year. If they are showing there, they were submitted to the IRS and no further steps are necessary.
Session Timed Out Error
If you have encountered a “session timed out” error at the payment screen and forms are still under Forms and then View/Edit/Submit Forms, need to verify if the debit/credit card was charged by our parent company, TechAtlantis. If so, please contact us to verify we received the charges and then we’ll submit the forms for you or provide a credit on your account to submit the forms again. You can also try a different browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer.
Unable to Process Transaction Errors
If you are getting the “unable to process this transaction” error, check with the bank in case something happened with the debit/credit card. Our payment gateway system will show “error due to ErrorCode-15005, Processor Decline”. This transaction cannot be processed and it’s suggested the customer try with a different card.  
If you click "Pay & Submit to e-file" and it reads something like "This can not be processed" please check credit card details. It’s possible that the bank is blocking the charge from going through. Please verify all of the credit card information is accurate and try again. If it fails again, please try a different debit/credit card.
If you got "server in application" error message after paying for forms, make sure the forms were submitted and showing in Forms > Manage Forms. If not, try to submit the forms again using a different browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer.
If you are trying to pay and get the error message “No credit card expiration year provided” check to make sure the credit card information is accurate and try a different browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer. 
If you receive an email that was sent similar to this:  "We have encountered an issue during your form submission process. Please do not pay and submit these forms again. We will be fixing this issue and you will be notified once these form submissions are fixed. At this point, no action is required from your end." Means there was an error on our side and the forms weren’t loaded. We will handle submitting the forms to the IRS for the customer.
If you encounter any issues with multiple charges that occur in error on your debit/credit card account, please feel free to contact us with the details so we can make it right. We’ll need the reference # for the forms which can be found on the screen after submitting forms, we’ll email that to you in an email titled Submission Details and they can be found listed next to each form under Forms and then Manage Forms, select payer and tax year. Please provide the email address on the account if it is different than the email you use to communicate with and also a copy of the screen shot showing the duplicate charges on your card or bank account with the sensitive data marked out. We do everything we can to make the system user friendly and efficient but sometimes technical issues can occur. Thank you for your business!

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