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QBD Importing No Forms or Not Enough

Last Updated: May 29, 2018 04:02PM CDT
If you are trying to import your 1099-MISC forms from Quickbooks Desktop and your getting results that only part of the vendors are pulling in or showing no forms to report but vendors imported okay try these steps below:

When there aren't enough forms listed, here are a few items to double check in QBD to see if this could be the issue:

  1. Are all of the vendors selected as 1099 eligible vendors?
  2. Are all of the vendors active in their profile?
  3. Do you have a tax id entered for each of these vendors? All vendors MUST have a TaxID.
  4. Do you have an address for each of these vendors?
  5. Did you run the 1099 wizard and check the 1099 detail report? Are all of the vendors and correct amounts showing on that report? Did you adjust the dates to make sure it's showing the correct years data?
  6. Did you check the chart of accounts to make sure the accounts are mapped to the correct box?

If everything checks out okay on that and still no forms found, try these steps in QBD:

  1. Go to Vendors->1099 Print/eFile->1099 Wizard
  2. Click Get Started until you reach Step 3 (Mapping Account to Boxes)
  3. Manually change all boxes to "Omit Payment" for all accounts
  4. Click Save & Close
  5. Reopen 1099 Wizard and go back to Step 3 and click checkbox "Report All to Box 7" on the left. (Assuming all your boxes were box 7, if you had any other boxes, change to those boxes).
  6. Click Save & Close
  7. Now, run our Plugin or Web Connector method again (Vendors > efile > 1099 Upload Data)

QBD imports will not work on a MAC machine or Windows XP.  The plugin option requires 2015 version and above. The web connector option will work on 2015 and above versions of QB. If this doesn't help identify the problem, please let us know and we'll setup a time to look further into the situation.  Thanks

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