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First steps required BEFORE importing from QBD

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2018 10:15AM CST
QBD will not work on a MAC machine or Windows XP. The plugin will work starting with QBD version 2015 and up.  The web connector process will work with QBD version 2010 and up.

There are a few steps that need to be taken in Quickbooks Desktop before you can successfully import the 1099 data into
  1. Check to make sure the company profile is updated
    1. Legal Business Name that matches the EIN or SSN
    2. Address is required
    3. Phone number is required
    4. EIN or SSN is required
  2. Check to make sure the vendor (recipient) profiles are updated 
    1. Address is required
    2. Phone number is optional for recipients
    3. EIN or SSN is required
    4. Select the box next to Vendor Eligible for 1099
  3. Map the Chart of Accounts
  4. Make sure the vendor is Active and NOT deactivated
  5. Make sure the payments are over the threshhold limit
Vendor Data:
  • Go to Vendors either from the left menu or the top menu bar
  • Pick the vendor from the list
  • Click the pencil icon on the top right to open their profile to edit
  • Make sure the address is entered and correct
  • Click on Tax Settings
  • Make sure the EIN or SSN is entered
  • Click on the box next to Vendor eligible for 1099

If these steps are not done, the vendor will not be sent to Tax1099. If no Tax ID is entered but the 1099-eligible checkbox is selected, the vendor will appear on 1099 reports in QBD but will not go to Tax1099. If a Tax ID is entered but the box is not checked, the vendor will not appear on 1099 reports in QBD and will not go to Tax1099. THIS IS WHERE MANY USER ERRORS OCCUR and should be the first place to check if there is an issue after installing the plugin.

Mapping the chart of accounts and viewing 1099 Report:

It is also necessary to check the 1099 Report to make sure the accounts are mapped correctly to the boxes on the 1099-MISC in the Chart of Accounts. If not, this will prevent your data from being imported into Tax1099.
  • To see if the chart of account mapping is set up, from the top toolbar, go to Vendors.
  • Click on Print/E-file 1099s.
  • Choose 1099 Wizard.
  • Click Get Started.
  • You will see a list of vendors with some checked. The ones checked are the ones who have 1099-eligible check box selected as noted above. Make sure your vendors are there with a check mark and click Continue.
  • The next page shows addresses etc for vendors. Remember, if a tax ID is blank that vendor will not process to Tax1099. The user can make changes to the data here by clicking in the field they want to change. Click Continue.
  • The next page is the mapping of the Chart of Accounts. Find the account you made the payment to your vendor for and select a box for that amount to go to.
  • There is also an option here to check the thresholds. Tax1099 will take any amount that the user wants to send. If they want to apply the IRS thresholds, they should click the option to “Show IRS 1099-MISC filing thresholds.” There they can modify them or select the Rest to IRS thresholds” option. If the user makes changes here, they should click Save & Close. Then they can click Continue on the Mapping screen.
  • The Review Payments screen lets users see what payments will be on the 1099s versus which will be off the 1099s. It opens a separate report window. If you choose to click either option, be sure to change the report dates to the tax year you are looking at and click Refresh in the report window.
  • Close the report and click Continue from the View Payments screen.The next page shows a confirmation of your 1099 entries.
  • Click Continue.
  • If a user already has the plugin downloaded, click Save & Close
    • Then they can now go to Vendor > e-File > Upload 1099 Data.
  • If a user does not have the plugin downloaded
    • They can click Go to 1099 e-File service to be directed to Tax1099 and begin the process that way.

Are the dollar amounts above the limit?

The reason for not uploading vendor at Tax1099 is Vendors have not met 1099 threshold limit. For instance, to meet threshold limit of box 1: Rent, amount should be $600 or more. Items less than $600 will not be imported for any box with that threshold requirement.

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