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Last Updated: May 09, 2018 12:54PM CDT

Essential is our basic plan. There is no annual or setup fee. This is a pay as you go plan. You pay upon each submission of forms. The price per form is based on tiers.
  • Adding Members: Each member will not be able to see anything you or other members add. The account owner is the only one who can see all of the forms entered by each member.
    1. To add Members, click on My Profile
    2. Click Member Users on the blue bar
    3. Click Add New Member
    4. Enter Full Name
    5. Enter Email Address
    6. Enter the Phone Number
    7. Click Save Changes in the table header
  • For the Pricing Tier, our system will count all of your member user's forms together to get the discounted rate.

E-file Plus

E-file Plus Compliance Plan is $149 Annually
  • This annual fee usually resets the first of November each year 
  • You get everything that the Essential plan offers, plus 250 TIN matches for free.
  • After using the 250 free TIN matches, the price for each TIN match after is $0.50 each.
  • The price per form is based on the same tier pricing.
  • Adding members will not give you access to view their forms, etc. You will need the Enterprise account for that.


Enterprise plan is $249 Annually
  • The annual fee resets in November also
  • This plan takes the Accountant experience to the next level. You have everything that the E-file Plus plan has and you have access to User Management and Workflow Management. This feature works well for large companies that have multiple accountants that may need to file forms, review them, provide access to specific users to approve and submit, etc. The price per form is based on the same tier pricing.

Adding Members: If you upgrade to our Enterprise package you can set up all your member users to be able to:
  • See only certain payers added or all payers added.
  • You can give them rights to do a few things or be able to do everything.
      For Example,
  • Accountant A:  Can be the "data entry user" and have the rights to import,create, edit, and delete forms, but not have the rights to submit the forms to the IRS. You can have them submit the forms for approval and set up Accountant B as the "reviewer"
  •  Accountant B:  has the rights to review and approve/reject forms
You have completed control with the Enterprise Plan.

To Get Started: 
  1. Click on Settings -> Rights Management
  2. For each Role, select which options you want that 'profile' to have access to perform.
  3. Click Save Changes
  4. Click on Settings -> Member User
  5. Click Add User
  6. Enter Name, Phone Number, Email and choose the Role
    • Role Options:  Admin, Reviewer, Data Entry User, Custom User
  7. Make any specific changes under the Rights Section that are specific to the Member you are adding. This will not update the Role settings.
  8. Click on Assign Payers (optional). You can choose specific payers, all current payers or check the box for all current payers PLUS any additional payers that could be added later.
  9. Click Add
If you plan on filing over 1000 forms this year, please contact us. You may be qualified for additional discounts. 

Also, if you have additional questions on our different packages, please let us know and we will be happy to help. 

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