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Can't pull 1099 info from Quickbooks Desktop

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2018 04:22PM CDT
Tax1099 works with all versions of Quickbooks desktop 2010 and later for Web Connector. The plugin option will work with 2015 and later only.  It will not work with a MAC machine or Windows XP.

BEFORE you install the plugin, please have all versions of QB Desktop closed down. If you don't it will not connect and will not pull the information. You would need to delete the plugin from your computer and try again.

After you installed the plugin on your computer and agree to let Tax1099 have access to the personal info on QB, you will right click on Quickbooks desktop and click run as administrator. (Please note: if you have different versions of QB Desktop, you will have to take this step for each one.)

The QB plugin must be located on the same computer as the QB Desktop you are wanting to import. If you are using a remote server, the plugin will need to be on that computer. 

Make sure all your vendors are marked as 1099 eligible vendors and click on additional info to make sure they have a Tax ID number entered. (please note: you MUST have the Vendors' EIN/SSN entered in your QB Desktop before importing or it WILL mess up the 1099 amounts that are pulled.) 

To test what 1099 info will pull over to, you will go to the 1099wizard, and make sure that your payments are mapped in your chart of accounts. You can look at the 1099 report to make sure that the information is properly set up in your account. 

When you select company drop-down box, you will see QBtax1099plugin button close to the bottom. If you see this, you know the plugin installed properly.

If you checked all this information and you know it is set up correctly, you can go to your control panel on your computer, then go to programs/features. You will uninstall and delete the plugin. Then go back to Tax1099 and download the latest version of the plugin.

If the import still gives you a problem after troubleshooting these steps, give us a call at 877-811-3829 or email at We are happy to help you. One way we can help is by using screen sharing software to see your screen, so we can see what the issue is. If you want to save time, go ahead and download a screen-sharing app before you contact support. We suggest TeamViewer.


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