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I just received a 1099, what do I do now?

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2017 03:17PM CDT
What next?
If you received a form 1099 by mail or email, that means a Payer has filed a form 1099 to the IRS reporting that they paid you a certain amount over $600.00. A payer is a person or business that paid you for a service you provided to them. If you have any issues with the form or there is incorrect information, you will need to contact the company or the Payer to have them file a corrected 1099 form.

If you agree with all the information provided, then it will be your responsibility, as the recipient, to include this form on your 1040 form (your income taxes). You must do this to be compliant with the IRS to avoid penalties or any audits with them.

If you are having trouble opening the attachment in the email, please refer to the top of the email and look to see what comes after the word Dear in 'Dear xxxxxxxx,'.  You will need to use those first 4 letters in lower case + the last 4 numbers of your EIN or SSN.  If the first name is less than 4 letters, use the next letter that comes after that. Ignore spaces and special characters.

PLEASE NOTE: Tax1099 does NOT file personal income taxes. We file on behalf of the payers to report the amounts they paid to their recipients. We do not calculate any taxes owed. You will need to find an income tax product. 

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