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Last Updated: May 11, 2017 04:00PM CDT
Customers can login from Xero or go straight to to login.

Before connecting to Tax1099, you have to make sure your data is mapped correctly to import. All contacts also need to have their EIN or SSN entered on the profile.
  • Login to Xero
  • Click on Reports and choose All Reports
  • Under the Tax section, click on 1099 Report
  • Click on Edit 1099 Rules in top right corner
  • Need to add any rules missing to make sure the payments will map correctly to the 1099-MISC box correctly. Then click Save.
  • When ready to connect to Tax1099, click on Use e-file services and choose Tax1099.
  • That will take you to If you have logged in to Tax1099 before, it should take you directly to the import page for Xero to select the tax year and then click Connect
  • If so, skip the directions below for the Add-ons and go directly to the start of the *Login to Tax1099.
  • If it doesn’t, you can try to connect from the Add-ons in Xero by following the steps below.
  • Click on Settings > General Settings and then click on Add-Ons under Connect
  • Click View the Xero Add-on Marketplace
  • Search Tax1099 in the search box
  • Choose Tax1099 on the list under Add-on Apps

Go here next if already logged in previously
  • Log in to your Tax1099 account.
  • On the left hand side click on Import > Xero.

  • Please read the Xero Import instructions on this page.
  • Choose the tax year and click connect.
  • It will prompt you to enter your Xero log in information if you are logging in directly from Tax1099.
  • Tax 1099 will request access to your Xero data with one of the 2 options below.
  • Choose the company you want. Then press authorize or allow access.
  • It will redirect you to with your 1099 data on our import grid.
  • The data will be pulled into the Import Grid where there will be green or red dots depending on the data provided. Green = Good Data, Red = Missing/Invalid Required Data and Yellow = Error in Recipient Data. The import will not continue into Tax1099 without having all green dots. Look for red dots on the payer, recipient or the values and click to see what is missing.
  • If all the data is good, you will see green dots next to the payer and recipients. 
  • If there is missing data, you may see a yellow dot next to the payer, and a red dot next to recipients.
  • If there is a red one next to the Payer, that means there is data missing from the Payer info.
  • If you have a lot of errors, you can click on download error list, and it will export them to an excel file.
  • If you want to save the upload for another time, press save and exit.
  • When you are done editing to get all green dots, select all forms to the left and press Next
  • At this point, the forms are now created in Tax1099 and the profiles for the payer and recipients have been created.
  • Notice how many forms have been updated. Click ok.


To submit the forms to the IRS:
  • Select the form by clicking on the box to the left.
  • Select the method of sending to the recipient, USPS mail, Email Recipient or neither (you will print the PDF later and mail yourself).
  • Select TIN Match if needing to confirm and State Filing.
  • To change the date of when the form will be submitted to the IRS, click on the “Change Schedule Date for All Vendor Files to IRS” at the top.
  • Change the date and click OK.
  • Then click Next at the bottom of the table of forms.
  • A reminder message about the Schedule Date will pop up. Click OK
  • It will then prompt you for payment. If you have a prepay balance, confirm the amount and click Pay & Submit to e-file.
  • If there is no prepay balance, enter the credit card information and click Pay & Submit to e-file. 
  • You will get confirmation reference # on the screen when the form has been successfully submitted.
  • If you want to print and mail the forms later yourself, go to Forms > Manage Forms and then select Payer and Tax Year. Then you can download individual forms by clicking on the select drop down under Action or use the Download All PDF or Download Multiple PDF buttons at the top.

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