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Last Updated: Nov 25, 2016 10:49AM CST
1. After logging into your account, you will see the Dashboard. You can navigate our site with ease on the left side of the page. Please review this article for an overview of each section and page.


2. If you click Forms, it gives you four options:
  •  New Form: this is where you can create a new 1099 form. You can also submit corrections with a new form. Make them corrected forms by checking the box at the top of the page that reads, "Corrected".
  •  View/Edit/Submit Forms: this is where you can submit any of the forms you have already created to the IRS and State. You can also choose a specific date you would like your forms to be submitted. Your forms will be submitted same day unless you choose a different date.
  • Resubmit Rejected forms: If the IRS rejects any forms you filed with us, you will get an email informing you that the form(s) were rejected. You can go to this page, edit the forms, and resubmit them for free. 
  •  Manage Forms: this will be where all the forms you have submitted to IRS are located. Here you can download the forms as PDF, export to excel to have a spreadsheet, mail the 1099 to the recipient, or choose to email the recipient their 1099.
  • **Review and Approve forms: If you, as a Enterprise Admin User, have given a member user rights to create forms but NOT to submit them to the IRS, they will submit forms for review. The person who has rights to review them will go to this page to approve or reject these forms. 
  • **Rejected forms: This is where a member user will go to after an Enterprise Admin User rejects the forms they submitted for review. They can edit the rejected forms and re-submit for approval. 
**These pages are for Enterprise user accounts only. 

3. People: You will have three options:
  • Manage Payer: (the payer is the person or entity paying $600 or more to an employee or for a service)  this is where you can add, delete, and edit information for payers if needed.
  • Manage Recipient: (the recipient is the person receiving the money as an employee or for a service rendered)  this is where you can add or delete recipients. Also you can do bulk TIN matching (TIN matching checks to see if the SSN or the EIN number is incorrect), bulk address match and bulk W9 request. Additional charging may apply with some of these options.
  • Copy Recipient: this is if you need to copy a recipient from one payer to another

4.Import: Here you will have a list of accounting software we are integrated with. This will allow you to  import previous and current tax years into our system. You will see an "import grid" separated by vendors or sometimes by each bill. Keep in mind, when it's on the grid, the information can be changed before finalizing. The import MUST BE FINALIZED before the Payer/recipient information is saved into our system.

Software we are integrated with is as follows:
  • Excel
  • Quickbooks Online ( Must have Quickbooks Plus for import to work )
  • Quickbooks Desktop ( version 2010 and later )
  • Xero
  • Zoho Books
  • Intacct
  • Property Solutions / Entrata
  • Fresh Books
5. History: Here you can find various past filing information and any important actions you have taken in your account. The options are as follows. 
  • Filing History: You can find all reference numbers, times and dates you filed, amounts you paid and see which reference numbers were approved or rejected.
  • Prepay History: You can add a prepay amount, view your current prepaid amount, see how much you have added in the past, and the dates and times you added or used the amounts.
  • State Filing History: If you submitted forms and paid the .50 cents per form for paper filing or direct filing to states that are not apart of the Combined States and Federal Filing program, you will see them here. It will have the reference numbers, the recipients, the states reported, and the e-filed date.
  • W8/W9 Request History: Here you can see how many forms you have paid for, whether one at a time or in bulk, the total forms used, and how many you have left. You can also prepay for more forms here.
6. Reports: Gives you several options for different types of reports depending on your needs. All reports are an export to Excel. These Excel sheets will give you more details about your data or submissions. Here is a list of the reports and a brief explanation of each. 
  • Payer Billing Report: You can look at this report by payer and it will show you the day you submitted, how many forms were filed each submission, the scheduled date the forms will be going to the IRS, the reference number for each submission, if you chose USPS mail, and how much you paid in filing fees to us to submit your forms. You can view all payers or just one at a time.
  • Payer Report: This report tells you about each payer you have in your account. It lists the names, Tax ID numbers, addresses, emails, and the date you added each one.
  • Payer Report by User: Same as Payer report, but this one is more useful if you have a lot of member users that work under you. It will tell you what user added what payer. 
  • Recipient Report: This report tells you about each recipient you have in your account. It lists the names, Tax ID numbers, addresses, emails, and the date you added each one. Each report is divided by each payer.
  • Submissions Report: This report will tell you the payer name, Tax ID, the tax year and form filed, the user's name and email (person who submitted), the submission date, the reference number, the IRS status, how many forms were submitted, how many were mailed, the scheduled date, and the amount you paid for the filing fee. This can be filtered by tax year also.
  • TIN Match Report: This report will give you a list of all your payers, the recipients for each payer if you selected to do a TIN match for that recipient, the results of TIN matching, the date it was requested, and the date the results were received.
  • Unsubmitted Forms Report: This report will tell you what forms you or your members have created but have not submitted. It will tell you the form, payer name, recipient name, the date it was created, and the user that created them. PLEASE NOTE: if you did any imports multiple times and submitted some forms already, please double check your manage forms or the submission history report to make sure you do not submit any forms twice. 
  • W9 Report: This report will tell you what recipients you have requested a W-9. It will tell you the recipient's name, Tax ID number, the date it was sent to the recipient, and the day they filled out the form and sent it back. This can be filtered by payer name. 
  • Opt-In Report: This report is to let you know if you sent forms to recipients through our portal and if they gave consent or "opt-in" to download their forms from our portal. It will tell you Payer name, Payer Tax ID, Recipient name, Recipient Tax ID, Recipient email, the status if they did "opt-in" or if they refused consent or "opt-out". If they press "Opt out" that means they would rather get their form a different way. It will also tell you the date they gave their answer. 
  • Forms Delivery Report: Lists the following information
  1. If you requested USPS mail, the status of the mailing, and the postmarked date once the forms have been mailed.
  2. List the payer name and tax ID
  3. List recipient name(s) and recipient(s) tax ID
  4. The reference number
  5. Form type(s) that you filed
  6. The tax year the form(s) were filed
  7. If Email Recipient was chosen
  8. The date you submitted the forms to our site
  9. The Scheduled Date the form was or is to be e-filed to the IRS 
  • W8 Request Status: If you have requested a W-8 for any recipients, it will tell you here. You can see the Recipient name, Recipient Tax ID, Recipient email, and if you requested any of the following W-8 forms. W8-BEN, W8-BEN-E, W8-CE, W8-ECI, W8-EXP, and W8-IMY. If you did request any of these, it will give you the date it was requested. If the recipient filled it out and sent it back, it will say the day it was completed. You can get a PDF copy of the form here as well.
7.Support: Clicking here give you 3 options:
  1. Knowledge Base: A place to find various articles to help you understand how the site works and what to do. You have access to step by step instructions on how to file, use our integrations, and make corrections.
  2. Our support phone number: 877-811-3829.
  3. Support Email:
  • P.S. We also have live chat available
8.Log Out: This will send you back to our Tax1099 homepage. It's always a great idea to logout when finished so that no one else can get access to your information. 

The following options are available in the middle of the dashboard screen:

9. Approval Status: Here you can view your status after submitting forms to the IRS. It will let you know if it's still processing with the IRS, or if it's been approved or rejected.

10. W-9 request: ,Here you will see a list of all the recipients you have sent W-9s to, the email address the request was sent to, and the status on if they have opened the email or completed the form. 

11.TIN Matching: If you requested TIN matching with what the IRS has on record,it will not let you know what's wrong with the number specifically, but you will know if you have to contact the recipient again, or email a W-9 to them. The status will either say Accepted or Rejected.

12.Email Status: Here you can view multiple payers and whether or not your recipients have received and opened their 1099/or W-9 email. You can also choose to resend the same email. It is the responsibility of the payer to make sure all recipients have received their copy. 

On the right-hand side of the dashboard screen, you can view the following:

13.Recent History: Here is where you can view the past few actions that you did. If you press view all you will get a few more details. 

14.Check Status: This is where you can enter your reference number and check the status of the forms you've filed. 

15. Located in the top right corner of the screen is your email address. Below it you will see the following options:
  • My Profile: Choose this option to change your email or password. If you are an essential user, you can add member users in my profile to help you file forms.
  • Settings: When clicking here you will see the following:
  1. Events: where you can see any recent changes to your account
  2. Two-Factor Authentication:  add an extra layer of security to your account.
  • Log out - Click here to log off your account to make sure no one can access your account
When upgrading to the Enterprise Plan, you will have a few extra features in the Settings tab.

16. You will see the following options:
  • ​​Member Users: Add the accountants you want to work underneath you, change the rights for them one by one, and select what payers they have access to.
  • Rights Management: You can control what your users have access to. You can give them rights to create forms, edit, delete, import and more.
**The Enterprise Admin will have full control over the whole process and how each member user can do their work.

If you have additional questions about the information listed above, please let us know.
We are here Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm Central Time. 

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