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Last Updated: Dec 09, 2016 03:46PM CST
  • Make sure on side you have all your 1099 vendors configured properly.  
    • Make sure all your vendors are marked as 1099 vendor in the profile (listed under the TaxID).
    • Make sure you go to settings -> chart of accounts and check that all accounts that your payments come from are mapped to a 1099 box number.
    • Keep in mind when you import, will bring over all individual payments for each recipient as separate items on the first import grid. If you have multiple payments for one recipient, it will add them all together to one 1099 form.
    • Please note that the Payer EIN will not come over from You must enter it at the top of the Tax1099 import grid every time you do an import.
    • The name will come over to the 1099 form for the recipient name as the vendor's "Pay to" name.
    • In, make sure you have the tax IDs formatted to EIN xx-xxxxxxx or SSN xxx-xx-xxxx. That is how our system will know it's an individual or business. 

  • In, go to the App Center under the Setting gear.
                                                 Settings Gear
  • Select and click Connect
  • Login to  
  • Select Company.
  • Select Tax Year.
  • Click Load Data.
  • A message will popup about filters.
    • Select "Off" if you want to bring all payments to 1099-eligible vendors.
    • Select "On" if you want to limit the payments to those that are associated to 1099-defined accounts in your chart of accounts, especially if you sync with an accounting program like QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho, or Intacct.
  • Data from will display in our grid.
  • If all the data is good, you will see green dots next to the payer and recipients. 
  • If there is missing or invalid data, you may see a yellow dot next to the payer, and a red one next to recipients.
  • If there is a red one next to the Payer, that means there is data missing from the Payer info. You will need to enter the Tax ID for the Payer on every import.

  • If you have a lot of errors, you can click on download error list, and it will show you an excel file listing them.
  • Select all the forms to the left when there are all green dots and click Next
  • Next screen will show a 1099 preview, look over it, then click Next
  • If you are ready to check out, click how you want to notify recipients of their form, via email, usps mail or notify them yourself.
  • Select all the forms and click Next and pay for the forms.
  • If you have more forms to import, you will need to disconnect the App in
  • Open the new company and then connect to the Tax1099 in the App Center and repeat the process above.

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