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I Filed the Wrong SSN/EIN for the Recipient. What Do I Do Now?

Last Updated: May 08, 2018 10:12AM CDT
When you create a 1099 form, you can choose to schedule a future date for the IRS to receive the form. This is useful when you accidently enter the wrong EIN or SSN, as you can just edit the form before the scheduled date. If you filed a form and you did schedule the forms to go out on a different day, you can edit the form for free by following these steps. 
  • Login to your Tax1099 account
  • Go to Forms -> Manage Forms
  • Select the Payer and Tax year
  • Find the recipient you want
  • Click on the action dropdown box
  • Click on edit form
  • Change whatever you need on the form then press save
If you take these steps you can edit the form before the IRS ever sees it.

But if you did not schedule out the 1099, and it has been submitted to the IRS, and you made a mistake on the SSN or EIN, you will need to do a correction. The wrong EIN or SSN could belong to someone so it is very important to file a correction and zero the balance you reported before. 
  • On the left click on forms -> new form
  • Choose the tax year and tax form
  • Select the Payer and Recipient (with the incorrect EIN/SSN)
  • Check the box at the top of the form that says corrected
  • Put $0.00 in the boxes you reported an amount in before
  • Press save and continue
  • Select the 1099 and submit it to the IRS

Then secondly you will need to:
  • File another new form>Forms>New Form
  • Select the correct tax year and tax form
  • Select the Payer
  • Click the "Add" button in the recipient box
  • Type in the recipient information. In the SSN/EIN line, enter the correct SSN/EIN
  • Report the income
  • Save and continue
  • Select the form and submit it to the IRS

If you do not wish to add a new recipient under the correct EIN/SSN, but would rather update the current profile to the correct EIN/SSN, you can do so. But first you will have to wait until the IRS accepts your corrected form under the wrong EIN/SSN. Once they do, you can edit the current profile and update to the correct EIN/SSN and submit a regular form under the correct information. You will follow the same steps above for the second half of the instructions, except instead of clicking 'add' for the recipient, you will select the recipient from the drop down in the form and then click 'edit' to edit the profile. It is very important if you wish to do it this way that you wait until the corrected form is accepted by the IRS to ensure the IRS gets both the information in the corrected form and then the information in the regular form.

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