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How to add additional users for Enterprise Plans

Last Updated: May 04, 2017 10:21AM CDT

If you are registered for the Enterprise Plan on, you can add members to work underneath you. You can see all the payers, recipients, and any forms they create. This is an annual upgrade that normally resets on November 1st.

  • First, you will need to login
  • Click on the Settings button in the top right-hand corner
  • Then select Rights Management to setup the access for the 4 different types of Members that can be assigned to your accountants (member users). They are Admin, Reviewer, Data Entry User and Custom User. 
  • You'll select what type of access you want each member group to have by clicking on each item. See picture below of a portion of the list. Then click Save Changes at the bottom. Please note the check box at the top. This is very important if you add a prepay balance and you want all members to have access to the funds. Click that box if so (highlighted in red below).
  • After all of the group rights are setup, you'll click back on Settings and choose Member Users
  • Here you can select to Add User and add one at a time or Import Users and add all of them at once.

 Using +Add User/Member:

  • Press Add User button
  • Add name, phone number, email and select the Role (member type)
  • Once you do that it will automatically check all of the items that you selected on the Group Rights for that Role. If you need to add or remove any specific tasks, you can do so on this page for that specific user.
  • This is where you will also setup the Workflow Management. For example, if you want this member user to only Submit for Review, you'll remove the option for Review & Approve/Reject, etc. Then do the same in reverse for the member user that you want to review and submit, etc.
  • Before you click Add, you will need to determine how you want to handle the access to payers that are entered/used in the system. Click on the Assign Payers (Optional) tab. If you want the member user to have access to all payers, click on the check box next to Assign all existing Payers and any added later. Or, you can select the individual payer names that you want the member to have access to once they are entered. However, if you add a new payer later in the year, you'll have to remember to go back and add access for each member to that specific payer. Click Add when finished.
  • If you need to Edit/Update a member users access or Delete a member user, click on the icon as it's pictured below.

 Using Import Users for Bulk Import:

  • Click on Import Users
  • Press the Click here button to download our Excel template
  • Fill out the user's name, email, and phone number and select Role
  • Save the Excel file to your computer
  • On the Import page, click the Select button, then choose the "Member_SpreadSheet" file and click Open
  • Press the Upload button
  • Once your people show up on the table, click OK on the pop up message

NOTE: When you press Add or Upload it will email the member an invitation from Once they accept the invitation they can start filing immediately. The email will look like the example below:

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